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MFS | The Best Moving and Storage Company in the Bay Area

It is often said that not all moving and storage companies are created equal. Finding the best moving and storage company to fit all your needs can also be very tricky.

What if we had a solution to meet all of your moving and storage needs?

The MFS Team in front of MFS trucks in San Jose, California
Make The Smart Move with our MFS Team

Among being one of the best moving companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Managed Facility Solutions (MFS) is your one-stop shop for facility management support.

Our company has a great team of trained professionals that have provided over 5,000 customers with the highest level of service for any project. Along with top-notch service, the Team monitors every project from start to finish with great attention to detail.

Started in 1984, the MFS headquarters is located in San Jose, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley. Recently on March 1st, 2021, MFS opened up another office and storage facility in Austin, TX. The new facility includes a 15,000 SF warehouse space and is conveniently located near corporate offices and campuses.     

Managed Facility Solutions (MFS) is a full-service moving company in San Jose, CA that has grown to become one of the top San Jose moving and storage companies in the Bay Area.

MFS Trucks in the MFS warehouse building
MFS headquarters in San Jose, CA

For the past 35 years, MFS has offered advanced facility solutions to Fortune 500 companies and startup companies in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and Southern California.

Some of the professional moving services MFS provides include:

  • Commercial Moving
  • Facilities Support
  • Storage & Warehousing
  • IT & Data Center Services
  • Project Management
  • Office and Campus Moves
  • Furniture Installation
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Decommission of Old Spaces
  • Corporate Moves

What is the Most Affordable Moving Company?

When it comes to affordable moving companies in San Jose, CA, you can’t go wrong with MFS. Our Team of professional experts will work with you to see best we can help you.

How Much Does a Moving Company Charge for Storage?

If you go with MFS, we will utilize our world-class inventory software management to customize your storage needs and provide real-time live remote access to your storage account. We aim to keep costs low and reflect the exact cubic space needed for your inventory.

Is Hiring a Moving company Worth it?

Hiring movers on moving days can relieve you of unnecessary stress and hassle. The professional experts at MFS will take care of everything from the planning to the heavy lifting, to the relocation. The MFS Team has got you covered!

What is the Cheapest Day to Move?

It is best to move on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during the day.

The Monday-Friday (weekday) moves can help to avoid overtime rates. 

How far in Advance Should you Schedule Movers?

Generally, at least 1 month in advance for a large commercial project, and no later than 2 weeks in advance.  However, we pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating schedule changes and last-minute requests.

Do Moving Companies Provide Storage?

MFS provides both long-term and short-term storage options. We can receive inbound storage for outbound delivery the next day or the same week. In addition, we can store office furniture and contents for multiple years, depending on your needs.

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