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Professional Experience

Haynes has been the Chief Executive Officer of MFS since March 2019; he previously served as Chief Operating Officer of MFS from September 2017 until becoming CEO. Prior to joining MFS, Haynes served as Associate General Counsel for a large, nationwide staffing company. He was previously a Partner at a well-established litigation and transactional firm, and also worked as an Associate Attorney at a regional commercial real estate firm representing a multitude of Fortune 500 companies in purchase and lease transactions. Haynes double-majored in Economics and Business Management at UNC-Chapel Hill, and he received both his MBA and JD from Elon University.


Haynes oversees the Operations Team, Sales Team, IT Team, Finance Team and Warehouse Team at MFS. He prefers to take a team approach, with a strong emphasis on clear and open communications, to prepare for, work together on and succeed at all MFS customer projects and growth-related tasks.

Past & Present Projects

*8 Building Campus re-shuffle to upgrade furniture and buildings-involved moving 700 employees 3 times in 2018-complete with I.T. and de-commissioning of 10 floors in 4 buildings-included disassembling of 1000 cubicles and 100 hardwall offices.

*Moved 180 truckloads to donation or recycling from 12 floors-

Included a 600 person move- disassembly of 250 cubicles and 250 hardwall offices and complete I.T. services. The last 90 truckloads and disassembly was done in 10 days with the employee move.

*Complete relocation of server room of 200+ servers-besides moving included: mapping; de-cabling; de-racking(including rails); re-racking(including elevation drawings); and re-cabling.

*Re-stacked 100 employees 4 times in 2018 in order to upgrade furniture-included removal of 150 desks to recycling and I.T. services.

*Performed a school move loading 25 containers of contents and handled music room, computer disconnect/re-connect, out and back in a week at the beginning and the end of the summer in 2017.

Personal Histroy

Haynes was born in a small manufacturing town in North Carolina, but always had his eye set on big cities and the West Coast. His first business was a landscaping company he started with his Dad when he was 14 years old, and each day, he uses the lessons learned from that experience and his hometown work-ethic.

Haynes enjoys spending time with his wife, newborn son and their dog. He also is an avid sports fan, who loves watching and playing basketball (Go Heels!), golf, tennis, soccer and football.

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