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Mark Peterson
Dispatch Manager

40 years in the transportation industry.

Includes 40 years of having a commercial driver’s license.

Includes every job there is in a moving company: customer service; dispatch; operations manager; general manager; warehouse management; project management; driver; hauler; accounting; household goods sales; commercial sales.


Satellite Healthcare

Yamato Transport

Zoll Circulation

Laurie Abate/Kramer Project Management Services

Various school districts:

(San Mateo/Foster City School District

East Side Union High School District

Fremont Unified High School District

San Benito School District

Saratoga/Los Gatos School District

Mt. View/Los Altos School District).

*8 Building Campus re-shuffle to upgrade furniture and buildings-involved moving 700 employees 3 times in 2018-complete with I.T. and de-commissioning of 10 floors in 4 buildings-included disassembling of 1000 cubicles and 100 hardwall offices.

*Moved 180 truckloads to donation or recycling from 12 floors-

Included a 600 person move- disassembly of 250 cubicles and 250 hardwall offices and complete I.T. services. The last 90 truckloads and disassembly was done in 10 days with the employee move.

*Complete relocation of server room of 200+ servers-besides moving included: mapping; de-cabling; de-racking(including rails); re-racking(including elevation drawings); and re-cabling.

*Re-stacked 100 employees 4 times in 2018 in order to upgrade furniture-included removal of 150 desks to recycling and I.T. services.

*Performed a school move loading 25 containers of contents and handled music room, computer disconnect/re-connect, out and back in a week at the beginning and the end of the summer in 2017.

New Hampshire-Mom & Uncle drove my sister and I cross country to Santa Clara when I was 13. Never left. Love bay area.

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